Album: I SAW (2011)

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Song: IBU

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we are the musicians who give a different color in this homeland, and our music is more berfariasi with other music, and now we're developing our music ....
pop punk band that wing it, comes from central Java city of Solo who was making a new atmosphere in the world of Indonesian music is .....
band played music as not available, no use for a name, blink 182, green day, Hi-standard, the Ramones, which makes this music listeners will feel more different from the other punk bands .......
this band there are 3 personnel, namely:

1. Bayu: Bass / vocals
2. Heri: guiatar / vocals
3. Nur: drummer

This band was founded in 2001 ago, but due to all personnel on the busy work finally vacuum in 2004 until 2009, finally now risen again with more different shades of music